Beijing DHH Law Firm Opens New Office in Shenzhen Coastal New Zone and Holds Doctoral Forum on Avoidance of International Trade Risks

On September 28 the new office of Beijing DHH Law Firm in Shenzhen Coastal New Zone was opened. DHH Law Firm became the first non-Shenzhen firm to open an office in Shenzhen Coastal New Zone. The establishment of the new office is to respond to the development strategy of Shenzhen’s Coastal New Zone and meanwhile to explore new methods of cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Among the guests present at the opening ceremony were Chairman Luan Shaohu of the Partners’ Meeting of Deheng Law Group, Executive Director Hu Ming of Deheng Law Group, Director Jiang Qi of Beijing DHH Law Firm, and representatives from all offices of Deheng Law Group, ECLA, Shandong Deheng Legal Alliance, Hong Kong and Taiwan law firms and the governments of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City.

Simultaneously, a Doctoral Forum on Avoidance of International Trade Risks was held at Shenzhen University, with a purpose to help enterprises in Shenzhen to avoid and promptly resolve legal risks involved in international trade. The Forum was sponsored by Beijing DHH Law Firm and assisted by Shenzhen University Law School, Macao University of Science and Technology Law School and the Elite China Legal Alliance etc.

More than 300 people attended the Forum, including representatives from various units and students from Shenzhen University. Three doctors, namely Xiong Bin, Jiang Qi and Dai Qinggeng, respectively delivered speeches on the Latest Policy and Improvement of International Trade Situation, L/G & Arbitrage in International Trade and Topical Legal Issues Concerning EPC in International Project Contracting.

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