Opening of Broad & Bright Tokyo Office

Broad & Bright Tokyo Office is established by Broad & Bright in association with Japan Toranomon Chuo Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as ‘Toranomon Chuo Firm’) in a form of joint venture, which has been approved by the Ministry of Justice of Japan and Japan Federation of Bar Association, and registered in Japan as an overseas branch of Broad & Bright. The official registered name is Toranomon Chuo Law Firm Broad & Bright Foreign Law Firm (foreign law joint venture).

Mr. Yifan CHEN, partner of Broad & Bright, has been approved by the Ministry of Justice of Japan to practice in Japan as an officially registered foreign lawyer in Japan. Mr. Yifan CHEN (partner) and Mr. Hongliang YIN (counsel) will be the resident partner/counsel of Broad & Bright Tokyo Office.

Broad & Bright and Toranomon Chuo Firm jointly held a lecture as well a celebration banquet in Japan Okura Hotels & Resorts on December 2nd. Nearly 750 client representatives and friends from all business sectors, together with about 30 partners, counsel, and senior associates from Broad & Bright Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong Offices attended this grand gala.

During the afternoon of the event, lawyers from Broad & Bright (Jun JI, Yifan CHEN, Hui DONG, Weiwei WENG, Taotao ZHU, Hongliang YIN and Feng ZHAO) together with lawyers from Toranomon Chuo Firm presented keynote lectures on the topics of 4 major issues in the Sino-Japan economic and trade practice, namely “Compliance Management Standards in Multi-National Corporations”, “Merger & Acquisition and Merger Control Filings”, “Debt Collection” and “Major Issues on Labor Law Practice”.

At the celebration banquet, Mr. Yoshihiko Miyauchi, Senior President of ORIX Corporation headquarter, Mr. Fumio Sudo, Chairman of Tokyo Electricity Powers Corporation, Mr. Yuji Miyamoto, former Japanese Ambassador to China and current Representative of Miyamoto Asia Research Institute and Mr. Naotoshi Okada, Vice-Chairman of Japan Economic News Press Co., made speeches respectively on behalf of the guests. Mr. Komura Masahiko, the president of Japan-China Friendship Parliamentarian’s Union sent a message of congratulations. The residential partner of the Tokyo Office, Mr. Yifan CHEN presented a toast. And lastly, Mr. Kazuo Imai, representative lawyer of Toranomon Chuo Firm, and Mr. Jun JI, managing partner of Broad & Bright, made a speech on behalf of the firms to appreciate the long-term support and trust from the clients and friends, and to commit themselves to the active promotion of Sino-Japan economic and trade relations by providing higher quality of legal services to both Chinese and Japanese enterprises in the future.

Broad & Bright Tokyo Office is the first overseas office of Broad & Bright, which will closely cooperate with the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong offices as a whole to provide comprehensive legal services of higher quality and better efficiency to both local Japanese clients and Chinese Clients.[ More… ]

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